Title One

Southside Early Childhood Center is a schoolwide Title I school.  Title I is a federally funded program that provides our school with additional funds.  A copy of the Title I Plan is available in the office for your review.  Please contact Mrs. Marino, Title I Coordinator at 857-3314 if you have any questions and/or comments.  Mrs. Marino will respond to all questions and/or comments within a week after receiving them.  Thank you!


Our Philosophy - Parent Involvement produces a stronger, healthier, happier school environment with students who achieve greater academic gains.  Just know that your opinions and concerns are important to us.

If and When you have a question, complaint, or concern:

1.  Contact the individual teacher first with classroom concerns. Each teacher has an individual phone number for voice mail that can be used to leave messages.  You may also visit our school website at
sse.dcsdschools.org and send the teacher an e-mail.
2.  Contact Rachel Marino who is the Title I Coordinator and is responsible for parent involvement activities and consultation by phone at 843-857-3314.
3.  You can also send any request in writing by your child to school.
The teacher will send this request on to Mrs. Toney or Mrs. Marino, who are responsible for getting back to the parent with the requested information as soon as possible depending upon the nature of the information needed.  (Some information may only take a day to respond to and some may take up to five school days.)  If a response will take longer than expected, you will be notified by phone or a note will be sent home by your child.
4.  If you have not received a satisfactory response within one week, you may then call the Principal, Mrs. Pat Toney at 843-857-3310.